WE THE ECONOMY 20 Short Films You Can't Afford to Miss

    Everyone is talking about the economy, but who can explain it?

    Award­-winning directors and leading economic experts team up for a surprising and thought­-provoking short­ film series that tackles 20 essential questions about the U.S. economy through comedy, animation, music/dance, documentary, and scripted films. Watch all the films at wetheeconomy.com/films.

    On October 21, WE THE ECONOMY launched a dynamic website and custom iPhone and Android apps, to enhance the viewer experience and reach audiences at every level. Distribution partners include Amazon Instant Video, AOL On, CNNMoney, Hulu, iTunes, Netflix, SnagFilms, Vimeo, YouTube among 50 other platforms. See all partners here.

    As part of its educational program, WE THE ECONOMY released free educational companion materials that include a robust discussion guide around the series and individual lesson plans for specific economic questions addressed in each film. Read more at wetheeconomy.com/resources.

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